If you’re new to yoga or Pilates then welcome! You’re about to embark upon a life-changing journey into a new you. The best way to get started is our First Class Complimentary pass, which you can sign up for in the Studio or online*. Upon your first visit, we will show you around & sit down to discuss the best class types suited to your health & wellbeing goals. 

Here are some tips to make a smooth transition into yours yoga & Pilates practice:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your first class
  • Don’t be afraid to let the teacher know you’re new, and if you have any injuries or health concerns
  • Bring a towel and a bottle of water, please keep hydrated well before and after the class
  • Try not to eat anything to heavy at least 2 hours before class
  • Wear anything that will allow free movement during exercise
  • Please try and stay until the end of the class, relaxation and stretching out is the most important part of the process
  • Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions, and don’t push beyond your limits

If in any doubt please ask questions! We’ll always be here for you!

*only available to new clients and locals

After your first class

Muscle soreness is common when first starting any exercise program. Your body will have experienced activation of muscles that may have not been unaccustomed to in a long while. Our best advice is to keep moving, drink and eat nourishing foods and if possible keep your body moving.

Try not to set yourself unrealistic expectations about your progress – as with all things, regular practice will set the pathway to a phenomenal transformation

To continue your journey, speak to one of our friendly staff to find the best option to suit your lifestyle and needs.