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Reformer Pilates

Take your body to a new level with the ultimate Pilates machine workout. The Pilates reformer machine provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength and flexibility

Mat Pilates

The Pilates mat method seeks to develop controlled movement from a strong core. Using the principles of Pilates, you’ll become stronger and more flexible due to this invigorating workout


Barre is a full body workout that fuses the best elements of ballet, Pilates, sports conditioning and stretching for a truly unique and fun experience. The moves are low impact but high intensity intervals of strength training followed by deep recovery stretching. This regimented routine will evenly sculpt and quickly transform your entire body, resulting in a toned, trim physique


Experience a calm, controlled and mindful workout which draws upon the deep emphasis on breathe and alignment. Leave feeling re-energised. Be ready to enjoy a dynamic approach to a combination of flow and breathe synchronised movement whilst promoting mental stability


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