Frequently Asked Questions

At BodyEthos Balmain, we focus on helping you BE Strong with a whole lot of yoga, pilates, barre and more.

Our team are available to answer any questions you might have and help guide you with the right style of class that is best suited to your current needs.

Below are answers to some of the general questions we receive though feel free to reach out directly if there is something we can help you with.

I’m new! How do I attend your studio for the first time?

Book your studio tour! Our friendly reception team can show you around, find out your needs and help you settle into suitable classes. Contact us via getstarted@body-ethos.com

What class is best for me if I have never tried yoga before?

We recommend starting with Hatha Yoga or Gentle Stretch. These are our slower-paced classes that help you ease into the practice.

Do your classes cater for pregnancies?

If you are pregnant and new to yoga, we recommend taking a couple of private lessons with one of our prenatal instructors first. This way, you can learn modifications to suit your body before entering a group class.

What are your meditation classes like?

We understand that it can be intimidating to try and still your mind for the first time! Our meditation classes offer about 20 minutes each of gentle movement, guided meditation, and rest to soak up the effects.

Is there a waiting area for my children or partner while I am in a class?

Unfortunately, we do not have a waiting area in the studio.

How many classes can I attend per week?

All of our memberships are unlimited, plus we host a monthly membership which is completely free for our members.

What is your cancellation policy for classes I have booked?

If you cannot attend a class you have booked, please un-book your class online or via our BodyEthos App at least 12 hours before class start time to avoid a “late cancel”. 3 late cancels in a month will lead to a month of not being able to book online. You will still be able to attend classes, but you'll need to show up and see if there's space.

How can I put my membership on suspension?

All memberships have 4 weeks per year of suspension time available, charged at $5 per week. All suspension time extends the minimum terms. We will pause your membership from the day of your scheduled debit for a minimum of 7 days at a time. If you are injured, please provide a certificate from your specialist and you can suspend your membership complimentary at your physician's request. All suspensions are to be sent via email to admin@body-ethos.com

What is the best way to book my classes?

You can download our App called “Body Ethos” via the App Store or Google Play. Our app is hosted by Mind Body Online, so if you already have a log-in there you can use the same one. Please note this is different to Mind Body Business.

I have a membership but the app is requesting payment. Why?

Firstly, check you are logged in! The app sometimes logs out when your phone updates. If you’re signed incorrectly, you may have a duplicate account, and we’ll need to merge that back together. Please see our reception team or email admin@body-ethos.com